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Company History



It started with an Inspiration

In 1986, CTA began as a small staffing company called Select Staffing Services. It was just three employees finding jobs for the people of Hawaii. While business slowly improved, owner Jeff Bloom started to recognize that job seekers didn't have the technical skills that employers needed. Inspired by this need, he purchased the Computer Training Academy. Together the two companies were able to provide both talent & technology services to meet the needs of the Hawaii's changing marketplace.

Growing quietly through referrals

CTA's students gained real-world knowledge that they could immediately apply in their workplace. As they spread that message to others, more and more students came in wanting training in an increasingly diverse range of topics. Tapping into the synergy of owning both a staffing and a training company, CTA assembled a highly skilled staff of network engineers and software developers - technology professionals who were working in the fields they were teaching. When clients began to look to the company for complex technology solutions that went beyond training and staffing, CTA was ready.

Overcoming every doubt

Many people had doubts when CTA added the new Software Development and Network Engineering divisions to its family of companies. And as with all new directions there were challenges, but the technical strength and versatility of the Staffing and Education divisions created a stable base on which to build. However, to truly understand the strength of an organization, you evaluate how it performs when faced with a crisis.

Proven results

In September 2001, the Department of Defense and the US Armed Forces mobilized for Homeland Defense and for action overseas. To wade through the massive amount of data created by this accelerated ramp-up, the Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) needed to improve their command's ability to identify critical security information. In less than 30 days, CTA created and deployed a solution that met their needs. This solution is still in use throughout the Pacific region.

Now a trusted partner

What started as small projects fulfilling the needs of local clients evolved into the creation of solutions which span the globe from Honolulu to Washington DC, and Korea to Bahrain.

CTA works in unison to provide the talent & technology solutions that businesses are looking for, backed by 19 years of local experience and proven in the global marketplace.

CTA is now a single company that has transformed itself from its origins into a 21st century organization focused on Information Systems and Services. While we are no longer a staffing or technical training company we have kept the CTA name to remind us of our roots as we focus on the future as a force in Information Technology for the 21st century.

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