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Comprehensive Assessment of Risk and Evaluation System (CARES)

The Challenge

The Headquarters Pacific Air Force (HQ PACAF) Safety Office and Senior Officers at PACAF wanted to improve the safety process by automating major portions of the Comprehensive Assessment of Risk and Evaluation System (CARES) program. All personnel who are "inprocess" at PACAF are given a briefing where they identify high-risk activities in which they participate. Individuals that are identified as participating in high-risk activities are then given a CARES Assessment. These assessments are manual processes with data entered into a spreadsheet, printed and filed. High-risk individuals are required to receive quarterly reviews to re-evaluate their risk. It is not clear whether these update reviews are being conducted. The Safety Office and Senior Officers at PACAF wanted to improve the safety process by automating major portions of CARES.

The Solution

CTA Solutions automated the PACAF CARES program in 5 key areas. The first being data collection for all personnel done via a web-based, centralized, permission-based system. Access to the CARES application is restricted to authorized users. PACAF/SEG has the permissions to manage the roles and permissions. Each Organization’s Commander Support Staff (CSS) has permission to create new users and to assign them appropriate roles. CARES now has an automated risk-scoring based on a weighted system determined by HQ PACAF and takes into account high-risk activities and personal data. CARES high-risk scores are based on a number of factors: an individual’s personal situation, the number of high risk activities a person participates in, and the level of training in each activity. Scoring is done on the answers to questions, which are tallied up matched against set thresholds of low, moderate and high risk marks.

Reminder emails are automatically generated to supervisors who need to do follow-up assessments on personnel scoring high marks on their risk assessment evaluations. A background process runs monthly to create monthly and quarterly reminder notices. The process scans the database and identifies cases that are due for an assessment. A single email is sent to a supervisor including all relevant reminders for that month. The CARES automated system records and preserves supervisor actions for individuals, with the ability to have these logs to be restricted as private or public access. Only users who have permission to view private information on individual cases are allowed to view those items.

CARES records all case responses for historical tracking. It creates Summary Reports that include counts for total individuals and low, moderate and high-risk individuals by organization. The Activity Report covers high-risk activities and the number of people participating in each activity.

Solution Profile

A web-based tool that aggregates data as needed that collects, assesses, reports and records information needed for risk assessment for PACAF personnel.

Line of Business

HQ PACAF needed an automated system that would easily capture, score, report, and record personnel activity assessments.

Solution Benefits

  • Make assessment process easier
  • Make follow-up assessment process easier
  • Man-hour savings
  • Improved reporting and tracking

Software and Services

Windows 2000 Server
Microsoft SQL Server 2000
.Net 1.1 Framework
Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
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