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Staff Tasking & Collaboration System (STACS)

The Challenge

The US Marines are built on efficiency. They need to function as a unified front to ensure the safety of both its Marines and the people they protect. This means making certain that duties and tasks are properly delegated by multiple levels of command and accessible in a uniform format. The Marine Forces Pacific (MARFORPAC) decided to improve this process by replacing their legacy tasking application with one that was web-enabled and standards-based. The Marines needed an application with a user-friendly interface that would handle multiple levels of task delegation and both parallel and serial routing. They also wanted it to be extensible for future needs and have a low administrative overhead.

The Solution

CTA Development implemented a solution that was cost effective, easy to maintain and capable of reaching a multitude of users in a unified format. Due to the flexibility and power of the .NET platform CTA was able to execute a solution that met all those needs.

To make certain CTA had a stable foundation to build on they chose SQL Server 2000 as the database server. CTA created a smooth user interface through a combination of DHTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript. To assure that end-users would feel comfortable with the application it was given the look-and-feel of Internet Explorer and was eventually named the Staff Tasking And Collaboration System (STACS).

Task creation in STACS begins with an automated template that allows authorized users to customize the subject and body of a task form. STACS automatically creates a routing list for a particular unit and the user decides which units receive the task, in what order, and what their relative roles will be.

A user can upload an unlimited number of attachments for each task. These attachments are stored in the database as Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) and allow for multiple versions of the same document to exist simultaneously without conflict. This format allows an unlimited number of amendments and comments to be attached to the task. The ability to clarify or modify a task without disrupting the integrity of the original document is essential to a multi-tiered organization like the Marines.

To minimize the administrative burden of this new system, STACS is designed without a central administrator and with no pre-defined hierarchical structure for tasking. As each organizational unit is created in the system it is assigned to a Section Administrator responsible for creating subordinate units to task to. There are no limits to the number of subordinate or branching units that can be created. This way the task routing structure of STACS can grow and evolve to meet the ever changing needs of the organization. Task Administrators are assigned to act on or delegate tasks and to mark them as complete. SQL Mail is used to trigger email notifications and reminders when tasks are issued or become due.

Solution Profile

STACS is a web based tasking system that allows MARFORPAC (Marine Headquarters Pacific) to organize, delegate and route routine task requests throughout the chain of command. STACS implements a decentralized administrative model that delegates administrative responsibilities to task action officers in each department.

Solution Benefits

  • Standards-based
  • Rich User Interface
  • Extensible Delivery Architecture
  • Low Administrative Cost

Software and Services

Windows 2000 Server
SQL Server 2000
XML Parser 3.0