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Honolulu Board of Water Supply

Solution Profile

Outsourcing agreement where CTA manages 20 servers, 450 desktops and the call center for the Honolulu Board of Water Supply (HBWS). All servers and desktops are running a standard image of the Microsoft Windows 2000 Operating System. Security patches and deployments are maintained using Microsoft Software Update Services (SUS). Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) assists with application deployment and remote management of the desktops from the call center. Microsoft Exchange 2000 provides mail support and collaboration for all users. A CTA desktop specialist provides on-site office automation training on all Microsoft products and customer applications.

The Challenge

The HBWS grew out of a terminal environment into a distributed desktop environment a few years ago. The goal was to provide office automation products to all administrative personnel. The initial roll-out was conducted under Microsoft Windows NT 4.0. As the roll-out progressed it lacked standards that would be necessary to effectively manage the deployment later on. System Administrators at the HBWS struggled with training issues and began to recognize that the network in its current configuration was unable to provide the user community the level of stability that was required for their applications. The call center was often understaffed while System Administrations were out fielding issues on the network. The general feeling regarding the network was that the in-house staff could not gain control of the network long enough to stabilize the problems that were plaguing the operations.

The Solution

CTA had always been a trusted partner of the HBWS. The relationship that started in the classroom evolved into an on-site support role where CTA Engineering ultimately ended up partnering with the HBWS to manage all of their network services. The HBWS was interested in implementing industry as well as Microsoft best practices to effectively and efficiently manage their network operations. From the on set of the contract CTA Engineering began a process of standardizing every aspect of the network down to the user accounts and permissions. The standard naming process and group memberships made it easy for employees to identify each other in email and provided the necessary grouping for security policies and procedures. All of the servers were built to spec using Windows 2000 and Active Directory as the foundation. Every desktop was given a standard image to ease desktop management and automate security patch deployments. The whole process took less than one year, but the end result provided the HBWS with the confidence they needed to move their organization forward with the latest accounting software, a time and attendance solution as well as a VOIP solution. CTA Engineering still works on site to maintain the network and support the applications. With full control of the network we are able to assist the HBWS with their mission to provide the residents of Oahu with safe drinking water.

Solution Benefits

  • CTA Engineering provides Microsoft Gold support to the HBWS

  • CTA Engineering works full-time on-site at the HBWS

  • A stable network environment to run other applications and services to make the HBWS personnel more productive. Other applications include but are not limited to Enterprise Accounting package, VOIP phone solution

  • A responsive helpdesk

  • On site training for all HBWS personnel with any office automation products

  • Disaster recovery implementation and planning