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Move to a more powerful platform

Architecting and Securing Windows Server Deployments

Are you planning to implement a new Microsoft Operating System or Server Software? Perhaps you're migrating from an existing platform? CTA's team of Certified System Engineers and Administrators bring over 50 years of experience designing and securing networks. Our involvement begins during the initial planning and continues through implementation and deployment. We continue to assist in the maintenance and support, providing our customers with a long term technical relationship. One of our primary goals is to partner with you to provide your organization with the skills needed to maintain your ever changing computing environment. We help empower your team with over the shoulder coaching, certified classroom education and on-site technical support.

Establish a system on which you can rely

Microsoft .NET Enterprise Server Planning, Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning

Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers are an extremely powerful suite of client/server applications that include Exchange Server 2000, Systems Management Server 2.0, SQL Server 2000, SharePoint Portal Server, Content Management Server and ISA Server. These Windows server-based applications can extend the data processing capabilities of your organization immensely. However, these applications will not serve your organization well unless you have sufficiently planned and properly configured your server software for interoperability and scalability.

CTA's team of consultants can help your organization properly plan for implementation of the .NET Enterprise Server suite of products, install them correctly and tune the servers and clients for optimal performance.

Building Bridges

Intranet Planning, Designing, Developing and Deployment

More and more, today's workflow starts and ends in a browser. Making business decisions, tracking projects, viewing real-time reports, or submitting travel expenses, is often faster and more efficient with a web-based application. Rapid development cycles, painless deployment, sophisticated enterprise-wide integration of applications, and ease of maintenance - these are just a few of the reasons organizations are rethinking how they conduct their business.

But there are issues. How do you keep the applications secure? How do you design for office automation and collaboration? The processes of integration and development for the Intranet are not well understood. Most organizations are still experiencing project failures and security breaches at an unacceptable level.

CTA has become a leader in Intranet applications. CTA, like most organizations, has teams of Engineers and Developers, but more than that, CTA has a special team of senior technologists that are experienced and certified in both Engineering and Development. They bring years of experience to bear on every project, integrating all of the important pieces in to one cohesive unit to provide a working solution. From the latest operating system to the current development language of choice, they strive to ensure that the solution developed is secure, stable and can perform as expected. The Intranet projects they have deployed have tied together the hardware, the software and the people successfully. We work with our enterprise customers, helping them see where Intranet applications might be an answer to some of their business needs and to capitalize on their investments in technology. And we roll up our sleeves, work side by side with their staff, transferring the knowledge of the technology while getting the project done - using our on-time/on-budget approach.

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